Nerd Nite Kansai #20

William Loubier (PushDustIn)
Smashing Fake News: A retrospective of battling misinformation within Smash Bro

Hiba Ahmed
Save Nour, Save Brixton

Nerd Nite Kansai #19

Thev JayMahan
Your Genes (Don’t) Matter: Can we stop aging?

Yuri Minoura
What is 花(hana-flower) for Japanese culture?

Nerd Nite Kansai #18

Yuki Furuse:
“Horrible Holy Night by Hoary Mate; what would happen if Santa Claus was sick?”

Amadara Oguara
“Slaying the Cosplay Game”

Chad Porter
“How to SNS in 2020 for beginners”

Nerd Nite Kansai #17

Alyse Sugahara
Seeing Games in Color: Diversity in Games Developed in Japan

Katie Hill and Miyako Ando
What is polyamory?
(English & 日本語)

Nerd Nite Kansai #16

Marie Sigaud
The anaconda in the living room: What’s wrong with the exotic pet trade?

Yena Kim
How to study animal cognition

Nerd Nite Kansai #15

Alexander Weiss
“Can being neurotic be a good thing?”

John Baumlin

Nerd Nite Kansai #14

1. 20:15 Okinawa
Otis Brunner — Mining the Deep Sea: A Literal Race to the Bottom

2. 21:00 Kansai
Chrissie Shears-Ozeki — Solving mysteries from traces of ancient life

3. 21:35 Tokyo
Catherine Beauchemin — What is a Virophysicist and What Do They Do During a Pandemic?
< >

Nerd Nite Kansai #13

Killian Meehan
Math, Data, and Visualization — or, Can We Please Have More Pictures?

Misaki Ouchida
A certain illustrator’s anxiety : A “ritual” to get your confidence back

Agathe Fig
How to build brain micro-vessels in tiny gels

Nerd Nite Kansai #12

Min Ku, Kansai Outreach Coordinator for TELL
“Tell Me About TELL! Mental health support— listening makes a difference”

Mira Simic-Yamashita
“Mind your language: What (not) to say when you talk to your self”

JB Brown Junior Associate Professor Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine
“AI in Medical Research”

Nerd Nite Kansai #11

岸勝人 “花に学ぶ”

Gordon Heady “What Makes Sake Special?”

Charlotte Flahou “Find the gold nuggets: Baby steps into the bushy road of finding good medical information”

Nerd Nite Kansai #10

Anthony Eritano “Living origami: Creating the 3D organism

Matt Marshall “Virtual Reality: Back to the Future”

Emily Maynard “But I’m just an English Teacher – Facilitating Gender and Sexuality Diversity in the Classroom”

Nerd Nite Kansai #09

Chimpin’ ain’t easy: How do we connect chimpanzee conservation with sustainable community development?
Maegan Fitzgerald

Egotourism: How mountain gorillas see and react to tourists
Raquel Costa

Trivia about giraffe nurseries: not always a peaceful group!?

齋藤 美保
Miho Saito

Nerd Nite Kansai #08

Co-creation beyond fields and industries: an academic perspective
「分野や業種を超える共創のカタチ  〜学問から見た場合〜」

Dr Naoki Miyano

If it’s Fun, It’s Right: An Introduction to AcroYoga
HamString AcroYoga

Making animation is not so animated after all
Alvaro Letelier

Nerd Nite Kansai #07

Life in Localization: Exploring Translation in the Video Game Industry
Jon LeFlore

Wildlife detectives the science and stories of “Animal CSI” in investigating and solving wildlife crime
Rebecca Johnson

Teach Yourself Atomic Physics: A poet’s sideways take on science
Phil Norton

Nerd Nite Kansai #06

What is necessary for us to benefit from experiences of failure?
Emmanuel Manalo

The power of fat tissue and how/why to recreate it in the lab
Fiona Louis

Romantic ideals in romance movies: Preferences and characteristics of its audience
Ayano Tsuda

Nerd Nite Kansai #05

Romantic Objectivism: Making Art from Science
Michael Whittle

In the dirt: Do other primates yuck?
Cécile Sarabian

Nerd Nite Kansai #04

A Primer in How to Read and Play Koto Music
Katie Pfunnell and Chieko Ogura

V-Day Osaka

Nerd Nite Kansai #03

Nerd Nite Kansai #02

Nerd Nite Kansai #01